Dr. Zein Obagi believes that “Currently, skincare products either are scientific, or they aren’t scientific at all, and we’re seeing negative effects.”

ZO Skin Health at BeauCare Skin Clinic

If the name Obagi sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen his products on your mother’s washroom counter. Since then, he decided to leave his over-the-counter products behind and focus on something deeper. He developed Zo Skin Health—a line of intensive skincare.

His products treat a variety of different skin conditions, including acne, hard scars, dark pigmentation, skin looseness, and deep wrinkles. They control skin at a cellular level. Something that over-the-counter skincare can’t do.

Zo Skin Health at BeauCare Skin Clinic is based on a two-step routine, with the first being an at-home regimen. “You have to get the skin ready to do the procedure. It’d be like asking someone to run a marathon if he’s never trained in his life. You need to train someone to run a marathon. Same thing with the skin.” These at-home regimens include cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and treating with serums and masks. Depending on your skin type and skin concerns, there are different products that you should be using.

Step two would be the in-office procedures—something you can get at BeauCare Skin Clinic. These consist of a lactic acid peel to tighten the skin, resurfacing laser treatments, and other facial treatments to help you achieve your #skingoals.

Which products do we recommend? We love the ZO Skin Health exfoliating cleanser, exfoliating polish, and SPF primer. You can shop these products and more at our Richmond Skin Clinic.