In today’s day and age, facelifts and injectables are becoming more widely accepted, even in your 20s. But we still definitely get plenty of questions from clients with the main one being “when is it finally time to get botox?” According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), an estimated 7 million injection procedures, including Botox, were performed in the last year alone. And that number just continues to rise.

So when IS the right time to consider Botox?

There has definitely been an influx of younger clients that come to us inquiring about botox. Although most moms would say “why would you need botox so young? Enjoy your botox-less youth!” we digress. There are benefits of botox that you can enjoy whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or onwards! Depending on your skin needs, starting botox may be something you can consider even now.

In Your 20s

In your 20s, evaluate your skin. Joshua Zechner, the director or cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC says “My advice to patients is to start to treat lines when they begin to stick around. When you smile or frown, lines may develop during the expression. They generally go away when the face is relaxed. However, when lines start to stick around at rest, that’s when you can consider getting initial Botox treatments. I personally feel that Botox is not necessary until those lines start to show at rest.”

For those that believe prevention is key, Botox is also a great option for stopping those smile and frown lines from coming before they do. Because Botox relaxes the muscle, which in turn relaxes the overlying skin, it actually is able to target problem areas before the lines start actually showing in your skin.

Your 30s to 40s

“Depending on the level of sun damage, the amount of muscle movement, and whether or not the person has “Resting Bitch Face,” all of these factors play into the decision at which age to start using Botox. So, if there was a strong frown, it may be appropriate to start as early as 20. If not so much, 30 — at the latest 35. Recent studies have shown that too much mobility in the muscles does lead to premature wrinkling.” —Ava Shamban, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist and founder of SkinxFive

What is your target treatment area?

Another factor to consider is what area you’re trying to target? There are many different possible areas that can benefit from Botox. The most common areas are your forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines—but did you know it can even be used to slim bulky jaw muscles? With treatments that aren’t related to age, such as the jaw area, dimpled chins, or frown lines, it may be worthy to go the prevention route.

Botox has come a long way since it was first commercialized and is an amazing preventative and restorative anti-aging treatment that results in smoother skin. Dr. Bayan Huang and the rest of the medical aesthetician team we have at BeauCare clinic are all experts at creating personalized treatment plans depending on your skin goals. Book your free consultation through the phone or by email, and we’ll walk you through exactly how you can look and feel your best.