Amongst balancing your work schedule, family life, and social life, it’s hard to even think about everything you need to do to keep your skin glowing and healthy. But we promise it’s really not that hard! Here are 5 simple things you can do to wake up with glowing, healthy skin!

Alissajanay skin - how to wake up with glowing skin

Use Serums

Serums are filled with moisturizing ingredients that can help your skin appear glowy and hydrated. But they aren’t exactly moisturizers in the traditional sense of the word. Serums are usually applied before moisturizer, they’re a different weight so permeate the skin differently and don’t need to be as rich. They won’t lock all the good stuff in, either. If you’re truly after glowing skin, look for a serum with Vitamin E or Hyaluronic acid.

Hydrate—Inside and Out

Once you’ve applied the nutrients your skin needs in serums, it’s important to lock it all in. Finding a good moisturizer that’s suitable to your skin type can really make the difference to whether you wake up glowing, or with clogged pores!

Masks and facials are also a great way to keep your skin looking dewy and glowy all day. We recommend the Engel-Gesicht Vitamin C Collagen Paper Mask. The key is to look for masks that contain natural ingredients and essentials that are known to boost the moisture and radiance in your skin. Putting on a sheet mask before bed is a key step to helping you look glowy first thing in the morning.

We also recommend a hydration facial for those of you who can’t seem to maintain a good cleansing and masking schedule at home. Our hydration facial includes cleansing, extractions, a ZO skin health mask, and moisturizers and serum after. They are a great way to get a deep cleanse for your skin and decongest and make room for nutrients and moisture!

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a traditional East Asian and Chinese technique used to boost circulation. A close cousin of the jade facial roller, this technique improves circulation and creates glowing, smooth skin. Studies on this simple one-minute facial massage have shown that this simple daily ritual improves microcirculation by up to four hundred percent. Which is pretty incredible! It reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates, tones, and smoothes skin. It’s also been found to reduce dark circles, define jawlines and boost collagen.

Gua means to scrape and sha means sand, and this practice has been used for thousands of years. The tools used in gua sha practices range from a Chinese soup spoon to an animal bone and horn, to rose quartz gemstones. It’s literally like rubbing your way to healthier, glowing skin. To make sure you’re using the right tools for the job, it’s best to go for a Gua sha made of jade or quartz. Aside from looking beautiful on your dresser, this green stone is revered for its cooling properties. Apply a facial oil before your massage, and work away from the center of your skin.

Skin Boosters

Another amazing clinical treatment that will help you achieve your perfect glowing skin is skin boosters! Skin boosters like the Teosyal Redensity beauty booster are one of our most recommended treatments for those who need some extra loving for their skin. Our resident nurse, Kelly Zheng, recently wrote an in-depth review of the Teosyal Redensity beauty booster and showed her step by step recovery routine as well as results! If you want to learn more about what skin boosters do, check out her article!

Drink Water! A LOT of it!

Every skincare blog post has this recommendation on it. If that doesn’t tell you how important it is, then we don’t know what will! It’s recommended that you drink at least 5 glasses of water every day. Having a full glass of water before you sleep and when you wake up will help ensure your body, and skin is hydrated when you wake up.

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