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Lipo Dissolving Treatments

Lipo-Dissolve, also known as non invasive fat injections or non-surgical liposuction, is an exciting new treatment technique specifically designed to eliminate localized fat deposits on the body. It is ideal for treating the fat deposits that will not disappear despite maintaining proper diet and exercise and it also helps to improve stretch marks, cellulite and loose skin In the fat dissolving technique, Pcholine is used in a specialized formula for stubborn pockets of fat and has been especially effective in the area under the chin. Other compounds can be used for in the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks and for skin rejuvenation.

The most common side effect is localized bruising at the injection site that usually resolves in a few days when it does occur. The procedure is painless and there is no “downtime” following the procedure.

You must be fit and well with no liver problems as this is the main area where the chemicals are processed. Blood thinning mediations such as anti-inflammatory and aspirin should be avoided prior to the treatment. You must see a doctor first and this is a specific advantage of our clinic.