Sublime Non-Invasive Face Lift

What is Sublime™ Non-Invasive Face Lift?

This non-invasive wrinkle Treatment with elōs technology, enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful appearance without downtime. Collagen and elastin depletion in the dermis result in the loss of dermal volume, creating sagging of the skin. This treatment stimulates long term collagen synthesis, resulting in an immediate and long term firmed appearance.

Sublime combines safe and effective levels of infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency energies to remodel the dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth. Sublime™ exclusive combination of energies provides ideal treatment outcomes with a very low risk of side effects and virtually no down-time.

Most clients see gradual and cumulative results throughout their Sublime treatment series. The total number of required treatment session depends on your skin’s condition.

Sublime Non-Invasive Face Lift

Treatable Areas                                                     

  • Sagging cheeks
  • Nasal labial folds (smile lines)
  • Jowls and under-chin area
  • Downturned corners of mouth
  • Neck area
  • Neck rings


  • Enhanced client comfort
  • Minimal to NO downtime
  • Increases collagen
  • Tightens and firms skin
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Improves facial contours
  • Refines skin texture
  • Brightens and plumps skin
  • Safe for all skin types

What to expect?

Sublime is a safe, effective and comfortable treatment that may be completed during your lunch hour. While some clients require only a single treatment, for optimal skin-lifting, we recommend several treatments, depending on your skin needs/wants. There is minimal to no downtime with Sublime, although mild swelling or redness may occur. Most clients return to work immediately following treatment.

When you have arrived for your treatment, we will great you and bring you into one of our treatment rooms. We’ll explain the technology and the procedure, step-by-step and discuss with you what you’re desired treatment results are. Depending on the size and details of the treated area, Sublime™ Skin Tightening will take about one hour.

Results are both immediate and progressive, with many clients reporting a fuller, brighter skin after their first treatment. Over the course of three months, your skin will become tighter; smoothing lines and improving the overall health and appearance of your skin.

If there are specific skin goals you are trying to achieve, feel free to ask! We are happy to customize a treatment plan for you that involves other procedures to achieve your exact desired result.


There is no downtime with the Sublime treatment. Make-up and other products may be applied the day after your treatment—allowing you to get back to your life. Slight redness and minor swelling are rare side effects, but even so they subside within hours of the session. Look for reduced wrinkles and lines, toned skin and better complexion, especially after regular treatments at monthly intervals.

  • If you are experiencing swelling, you can apply an icepack to the irritated area for approximately 15 minutes per session
  • Keep the skin hydrated in the days following the treatment. Drink lots of water!
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water, not hot!
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure or use of tanning bed for one week after a treatment.
  • Use a minimum of SPF 30 to protect your skin after your treatment.
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