What is the Calf Slimming Injection?

Calf slimming injections treat overdeveloped, muscular calves by using Botulinum toxin. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses highly precise doses of the botulinum toxin which is carefully administered directly into the calf muscle in order to minimise muscle movement and initiate muscle atrophy. This is the process whereby the target muscle shrinks due to a lack of movement and will create a slimmer more feminine contour. Over time, Botox can help individuals with naturally large calves who desire a more defined curve to their lower legs without undergoing surgery.

This is a particularly useful treatment for those who despite significant weight loss, still can’t get their calves as slim as they would hope.


This treatment is great for those who have larger calves that can’t seem to be slimmed with excercise and diet. This could be because of muscle bulk and can be treated with Botulinum toxin.

Results typically last 4-9 weeks.

What to expect?

Very minimally invasive and quick, the doctor will administer precise doses of Botulinum toxin into your calf muscle belly to help reduce the size of your calves over time. As with any other BOTOX, the best results will appear several weeks later. Clients say that it is low pain and no downtime.


As there is no downtime, you’ll be able to walk immediately after the procedure and may return to your daily routine.

Some clients experience minor redness, swelling, and discolouration. This will disappear within a day or two.

Do not partake in strenuous excercise for 24 hours after the treatment.

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